The World Needs Your Smile



Smiling is a universal language, everyone can speak. A smile says:

  • Hi
  • I understand
  • Have a nice day
  • It can be a way of sharing a joke or passion without saying a word
  • It connects you with others

A smile can change your mood, even if it is forced. Next time you see someone not smiling, give them one of yours—it can be infectious. When someone doesn’t want to acknowledge you, the more you acknowledge them by smiling at them, the harder it is for them to continue to ignore you. Your welcoming smile can break down barriers, so spread some sunshine around today.


2 thoughts on “The World Needs Your Smile

  1. We must be on the same wave length as I also posted about smiling. my favourite quote is “Smile as it makes everyone wonder what you have been up to” 😀

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