Tree Change Dolls

What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future generations?

Yesterday I discovered Tree Change Dolls—remodeled, refreshed and re-styled—rejected Bratz dolls by Australian artist Sonia Singh from Tasmania. Bratz dolls are everywhere. They are styled on high rock fashion with heavy make-up. The look alone was enough for me to refuse to ever buy one for anyone. My other problem is the name Bratz. It is not something I want to encourage in anyone. For the same reason, I could never buy the clothing brand No Rules.

Sonia decided to redesign the dolls into something her children wanted to play with, because of her love of playing with dolls. She found the rejected dolls in the second-hand shops and breathed new life into them. The result is beautiful natural looking dolls that children can associate with as their faces remind them of friends and people they knew. The photo below is the same doll—originally harsh looking, bordering on scary then given a new make-down—looking soft, gentle and angelic.

Photo Credit: Sonia Singh

Photo Credit: Sonia Singh

Sonia’s transformation involves removing the original makeup using nail polish remover. She then paints on new eye brows, eyes and lipstick. Her mother knits little tops for each doll and sews some pants or a skirt—giving each doll an individual homemade feel. When the outfit is complete Sonia then moulds boots for their feet that match their outfits.

Photo Credit: Sonia Singh

Photo Credit: Sonia Singh

Below is a sample of Sonia’s Tree Change family playing in the great outdoors—where kids used to play.

Photo Credit: Sonia Singh

Photo Credit: Sonia Singh

Since Sonia created a Facebook page and Tumblir for her Tree Change Dolls in a no time they went viral. Everyone wants their own natural doll—the problem is she wasn’t expecting this level of support and isn’t sure what to do about it. Personally I think this is a great way to move froward.  Reverting back to kids being kids and not the sexualised images of the original Bratz dolls. It has my support and is the reason I would put it in my time capsule today.

34 thoughts on “Tree Change Dolls

  1. Loved your pictures and the results of the re-birthing of those dolls. Yes, they were quite dreadful. I am so glad you found a much more delightful way to appreciate the figures.

  2. What a great idea that is. I have a grand daughter and like Sonia (great name, lol) I wouldn’t have bought one for her and I know her mother wouldn’t have either. Thank you for putting it out there.

  3. Ooh I saw a video on these not long ago – a woman made different clothes for her Bratz doll too! They look so much better! Stopping by from my blog party – thanks for participating!

  4. Obviously because I’m a middle-aged bloke and my doll playing days are well gone I didn’t realise that bratz dolls are so sexual. God they are awful. Much prefer tree-change dolls. Suppose that says more about me than either product.

  5. We never had Bratz dolls in India. I can see why 😉
    Or maybe some old lady bought them all and took em off the shelves altogether!!

    But it is nice to see a “make under” of the dolls. I would, perhaps, still not buy them – never was a doll person; I’m more a run-over-the-dolls-with-a-humvee person.

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