Getting Through Tough Times

Everyone has them, “tough times”. They cannot be avoided however,during my latest run of “tough times” I discovered a powerful quote by St Francis of Assisi which really helped.


St Francis Quote


Following St Francis of Assissi’s  advise makes it easier not to get overwhelmed during difficult times. Sometimes at the start of a crisis, very little is possible.  All you can do is absorb what has happened. This is true particularly when coping with the loss of a loved one or friend. Allow yourself to be in shock, numb and use this time to make a basic plan of what needs to be done. Remember, although you may want everything fixed instantly, somethings can’t be rushed and healing takes time.

As time passes, the actual time elapsed will vary for everyone, you will move from only dealing with the necessities to looking into new possible ways of  getting through your “tough time.” The healing will be commencing and if you are coping with a loss of a loved one or friend, you can remember the good times and using laughter, you can help your body heal.

Eventually, looking back you realise that you have done the impossible and although your world has changed forever, you have recovered from your “tough time” and you have grown as a person in the process. This is the silver lining to your dark cloud, and helps you to realise that you are stronger than you think.

Thanks for the advice St Francis.