Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to explore the new University of Newcastle building at its community open day. The building was architecturally designed using square boxes to highlight several Newcastle icons. From the outside it may look unusual but it’s also practical and spectacular.







The unusual building was filled with unusual performers ensuring everyone felt welcomed.

From level 8  I saw many unusual views — an aerial view of Hunter Street, Newcastle’s main street,

over Civic Park,

Newcastle Harbour,

and out to Nobby’s Beach and lighthouse.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

The Sea Jelly Spectacular at Ocean Park Hong Kong is an amazing display of over 1,000 sea jellies from around the world. In these underwater gardens there are curves everywhere. The display tanks are round and highlighted by neon light and special effects.  The sea jellies themselves are curvaceous and their pulsating movements help emphasize the musical score. If ever you are in Hong Kong do yourself a favour, visit Ocean Park and get lost for a while in the cleverly planned maze that is The Sea Jelly Spectacular.


Weekly Photo Challenge:Ephemeral

This week’s theme: ephemeral. Show us your interpretation!

Last Sunday my husband and I took photos of the sunset from Cape Byron—Australia’s most easterly point. It truly was a ephemeral experience. The top photos show the sunsetting over Australia while the bottom two totally different photos are the hues over the Pacific Ocean. It was quite remarkable.

Over Australia


Over The Pacific Ocean