The Ageless Paul McCartney

Yesterday my life was changed forever. I attended Paul McCartney’s first Australian concert in Perth. Initially, I was unsure how much I would enjoy it. But hey I’m a good wife, so I’ll travel across Australia just so my husband can see his hero on his birthday.

Wow! What a great night it was and Paul even sang happy birthday to him and several others.

Titled One on One, Sir Paul’s plan was to engage with all 23,000 of us individually. Mission accomplished. For 3 hours he played and sang a well put together mix of 40 of his old, new and in between songs. He joked with us about how “he knows what we like” the old songs but he was playing his new songs and “he doesn’t care.”

His segways between songs with historical stories about them fascinated the crowd and gave us great insight into his early life. He was a master at seamlessly switching between instruments bass, guitar and piano as well as a special dedication to George Harrison on his ukulele. His other dedications were to John Lennon, George Martin, Jimi Hendrix as well as his first wife, Linda and current wife, Nancy.

Described by the media as Maccamania, everyone in the audience, young or old , felt touched by his performance. It really was like he was playing to you. The video and other special effects were like nothing I had ever seen at a concert before and for that matter I doubt I’ll ever experience again.

To make the night even more special he allowed a young man to propose to his girlfriend on stage at the end of the concert. The young couple had bonded on a Contiki tour 10 years ago because of their love for Beatles music. The ultimate in intimacy in a sell out crowd.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

The Sea Jelly Spectacular at Ocean Park Hong Kong is an amazing display of over 1,000 sea jellies from around the world. In these underwater gardens there are curves everywhere. The display tanks are round and highlighted by neon light and special effects.  The sea jellies themselves are curvaceous and their pulsating movements help emphasize the musical score. If ever you are in Hong Kong do yourself a favour, visit Ocean Park and get lost for a while in the cleverly planned maze that is The Sea Jelly Spectacular.

Share Your World – 2015 Week 41

What genre of music do you like?

I like multiple genres of music. The determining factor for me is that the music must have meaningful words. I don’t like music styles without words such as classical, nor do I like heavy metal or songs that repeat the same words over again.  The more meaning and motivation behind the song the better. One of my favourite songs, Helen Reddy’s I Am Woman has motivated me over many decades.

What is the worst thing you ate this last week?

I rarely eat takeaway food however last Friday my husband and I shared some fresh, yummy, crispy hand battered potato scallops. Many years ago good potato scallops were everywhere however these days prepackaged frozen ones have taken over and in my opinion they are not worth eating.

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

Would you like to be famous?  In what way?

I don’t wish to be famous in a way that my life is directed by others. However as a writer, when I publish my book next year I would like to be well known and respected for my expertise and if this leads to fame I will enjoy the journey.

Complete this sentence:  This sandwich could really use some …

Rocket and chilli sauce as it needs spicing up.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week I was grateful to perform well enough at my Area Table topics competition for Toastmasters to come 3rd. In the coming week I am looking forward to having some me time as life has been very busy lately.

Some Say Love, It Is A Razor

Take the third line of the last song you heard, make it your post title, and write for a maximum of 15 minutes. GO!

Bette Midler’s The Rose is my favouirte empowerment song. I love to lie on the floor, in the dark and listen to it played—loud and proud. This song motivates me and reminds me risks are worth taking and growth takes time and nurturing.

As one of the opening lines of The Rose, the third line “some say love, it is a razor” uses vivid powerful imagery. A razor like love can be a positive or a negative experience. It can

  • Tidy new hair growth
  • Trim a mustache or beard
  • Transform faces, legs and other body parts
  • Terminate a life

The secret is to trust the the person in control of the razor—yourself included.

If you are scared of ever bleeding from a razor cut—you will never know the freedom and beauty that comes from feeling your freshly shaven, clean subtle skin.  “Feel my skin, it feels so soft” are words often used by many of us to share our experience with others. This invitation increases the intimacy between us and often leads to love.

Powerful Playlist

Put together a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails. 

Music is powerful. It is part of my everyday life and is a great reminder of the past and motivator for the future. My present life playlist includes the following songs:

This song reminds me of my early years. It gives me motivation to continue with whatever goal I am seeking at the time.

I have loved this song since I was a teenager. Helen Reddy is Australian and the fact that her song was changing the world for women everywhere made me realise I could do anything I set my mind to. It was the anthem of International Women’s Year in 1975.

I am proud to be Australian. This song describes the history of the Australian people and reminds me—we are all one.

The final two songs give me motivation to set goals and work hard to achieve them. They remind me that I can choose how things impact me. By pushing myself, I can achieve things I never thought possible and become stronger in every way.

J- John Denver #A -Z Challenge

John Denver was one of my favourite artists growing up. This love of his music has transpired into many memories for me. Annie’s song written for his first wife was special to me. It was our bridal waltz and every time we hear it—we smile.

Take Me Home Country Roads is a song I can remember singing in the 70’s in front of the school assembly. I have always connected with the words and one day I hope to go to West Virginia—the inspiration for the song.

Thank God I’m a Country Boy and Grandma’s Feather Bed for some reason were regularly played on ski trips in the early 80’s. I have many a clear memory of tapping my skis to these tunes as they were belted out across the mountains as we waited in line for the chair lift.

Unfortunately in 1997 six weeks after the world lost Princess Diana—we also lost John Denver. It was a very sad time. Thanks for the memories and inspiration John—we will never forget you as long as your music lives on.

My Interesting Week

Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of  five songs that represent it.

I was excited to see the topic of today’s Daily Prompt. This week for me has been varied and interesting which is unusual. My week began on Monday with Australia Day, which I celebrated with my blog post Celebrating Australia Day—an A-Z of interesting Australian information. The song I selected to represent this is “I am Australian” by The Seekers.

On Wednesday evening I participated in my Toastmaster club’s International Speech competition coming third. It as a fun night to end a particularly busy day at work. As there are no songs on speaking competitions so I choose a new song dedicated to Toastmasters International to represent this part of my week.

Friday evening saw me joining colleagues for farewell drinks with one of my staff leaving to work overseas for a few years. It is an exciting time and many memories were discussed.

On Saturday morning my husband and I attended a travel expo and began planning a trip for our 25th wedding anniversary later in the year. We haven’t made any decisions yet. However, I think a tropical holiday is in order and “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys represents that well. Unfortunately, Jamaica is a little for  us to travel for a week so won’t be the destination.

Today my husband finished putting up glass shelves above my desk. They are to  house my expanding Mickey Mouse collection in one place. We have planned this for about the last 5 years, so it is exciting. Now I just need to find everything and arrange them in a display.

This week also saw the completion of two other tasks we had planned since last year. On the public holiday Monday I did a Spring clean of all my kitchen pantry cupboards. I found things I didn’t know I had as well as made a lot of space by throwing out many bags of expired or no longer required food and containers.

Over the last two weeks we have had an opening and closing pergola build over our courtyard. On Friday after a week of rain the electrician was able to come and complete it. We are very happy with the result and look forward to using it now as an outdoor indoor living space.

In Australia we are now into February. I can’t believe how quickly this year is moving. January was a very unusual month. It was filled with many different things and many goals were completed—the question is will it continue from this week and month into this year. I hope so.

Using My Brain

Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it?

I am unsure I could cope with using 100% of my brain, although I do believe I use more than 10%. I have images of it constantly going and not giving me time to catch up. My brain sometimes seems full now, so how would using more of it change my life. Irrespective, I am up for the challenge and would like to further develop skills using the left and right sides of my brain as they are responsible for different things.

Left Side Brain Right Side Brain
Analytical Believes
Classic Music Big Picture
Control Can Be Absentminded
Critical Thinking Cat Lovers
Details Oriented Colour
Dog Lovers Creative Storyteller
Facts Creativity
Language Dreamer
Logic Emotions
Mathematics Fantasy & Mystery
Order Good at Arts
Organised Good at Sports
Past & Present Images
Patterns Imagination
Perception Intuition
Practical Listen to Music /TV While Studying
Prefers Verbal Instructions Passion
Rarely Absentminded Prefers Visual Instructions
Rational Present & Future
Reason Recognises Faces
Safe Risk Taking
Science Rock Music
Study In Silence Spatial Awareness
Structure Spontaneous & Unpredictable
Write Non-Fiction Thinks Better Lying Down
Write Fiction


Going through these lists, makes me realise I do use both sides of my brain. I am mostly a right brain person however, I use more of my left than I first thought. My goal is to develop my current skills further and see where they takes me. Afterall,

“Who knows, but you have to be in it to win it.”

The Climb

The Prompt – Run (or walk) to the nearest music playing device (radio, iPod, record player, 8-track) and turn it on.  Select a lyric from the first, random song you hear.  Use that lyric in a piece of writing of your choosing (fiction, non-fiction, poem, letter, etc.).  The Twist – work the name of the artist into your writing as well.

In 2009, I was promoted from Clinical Nurse Specialist to  Nurse Unit Manager. I was excited. However, I was unsure how I would go. I knew I was a good CNS but management—that was uncharted waters for me. I decided I would give it my best shot and see what happened. Miley Cyrus’s The Climb became my theme song and motivation.

“I can almost see it,

that dream I’m dreaming, but

there’s a voice inside my head saying you’ll never reach it.”

I needed to kill off my self-doubt. Playing this song on repeat helped. I wasn’t going to give up without a fight, so I decided the answer was to think positively and start at the beginning—building a strong foundation. Every spare moment—I played The Climb—to calm my mind and ensure my success—it worked. I won the battle and I am now a confident Manager. This role gives me more opportunities to share my knowledge and experience with whoever needs it.

“There’s always gonna be another mountain

I’m always gonna want to make it move

Always gonna be an uphill battle

Sometime’s I’m gonna have to lose

Ain’t about how fast I get there

Ain’t about what’s waitin’ on the other side

It’s The Climb”

Over the last 5 years, there has been lots of new mountains to climb—some easy, some very difficult—but I keep dreaming and climbing. After all who knows what tomorrow brings? I don’t. But—I’m not afraid. If I need a little motivation, I get out my mobile phone and listen to The Climb. I listen as many times as it takes to move my current mountain and ensure my dream becomes a reality.

What song motivates you?

The Music of My Life

Songs have always been a major part of my life. They have inspired me to achieve the challenges I set myself, and comforted me during my difficult times. Songs have the power to change your mood and can be used to insight all types of emotions.

My most influential songs have been part of my life for many, many years. I love that they always create a positive emotion in me and unless it is inappropriate to do so, I always begin singing when I hear them. My top three are:

1. I AM WOMAN – Helen Reddy (1972). I was 10 when this song became a hit and it’s words empowered me to believe that I could deal with everything life throws at me. “If I had to I could face anything, I am strong, I am invincible. I am woman.” This song was also the first Australian penned song to win a Grammy Award and in 1975 was chosen by the United Nations to be the theme song for “International Woman’s Year.” It was also my ringtone for several years which I enjoyed.

2. I WILL SURVIVE – Gloria Gaynor (1978) This disco anthem reminds me to believe in myself and not let others get to me. It is the story of personal growth through a relationship breakup and developing personal confidence. Thirty plus years later, every time I hear this song I am still compelled to do the actions and sing/yell “I will survive” at the top of my voice. It never fails to bring out the best in me.

3. I AM AUSTRALIAN – Bruce Woodley (1987) performed by the Seekers. This song signifies our history and shows the diversity of the changing face of Australia. I love chorus, ‘We are one, but we are many and from all the lands on earth we come. We share a dream and sing with one voice: I am , you are, we are Australian.

I am proud to be a surviving Australian woman and I am looking forward to the sharing more of my life with you on this writing journey.

Day 3- Writing 101