Retreat is an active word. It’s not a sign of weakness, but a sign that you are in-charge of your reactions. It shows you know when to do something differently. To me, the word RETREAT breaks down into the following powerful actions and helps me to move forward in the direction I need to go even if it’s not the direction I originally wanted to.

Return to a safe space

Experience feelings associated with current stress

Take time out

Recover your strength

Experiment with new ideas

Activate a new plan

Test it out

Have you ever found retreating to be a successful strategy to move forward?

Ageing Well

What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

I believe has two choices when it comes to ageing.

  1. Embrace it
  2. Succumb to it

Personally, I choose to embrace it.  My life has become my own since I turned 50. Suddenly I can do many things off limits before because the families priorities needed to be different. My time and money is my own so now I can:

  • Buy what I like when I like—not that I do but I can
  • Travel overseas
  • Go away for weekends with little notice
  • Eat out for meals without considering the cost
  • Spend hours blogging
  • Spend more hours writing my book
  • Cook when it suits me
  • Start planning my retirement
  • Have an I don’t want to do anything day whenever I need to
  • Control my own sleep

Yes this old body of mine can’t do everything it used to, but my mind can do a lot more. Over my 50+ years I have developed a lot of coping strategies and emotional intelligence that I plan on using to keep my body and mind as young and active as they can be for my next 50 years. As my brain like all of the muscles in my body needs to be used daily to keep it working I will continue to focus on the positive and follow Martha Stewart’s top 10 tips on how to age well.

  1. Eat well
  2. Maintain a healthy weight
  3. Be active
  4. Get quality sleep
  5. Wear sunscreen
  6. Collaborate with a good primary care doctor (GP) regularly
  7. Find a passion
  8. Connect with others
  9. Stop complaining
  10. Stay curious

What do you think is important to age well?

Three Wishes

Remember those lovely genies who grant wishes? Well, you’re one and you’ve just been emancipated from your restrictive lamp. You can give your three wishes to whomever you want. Who do you give your three wishes to, and why?