Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

Life on the edge of the Yangtze River is very busy. It was amazing to see people living on, feeding off and working on the world’s third longest river. It is stated that 1/3rd of China’s population live on this mighty river.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

In opposition to the modern trade of your usual busy Chinese shopping mall,  Beijing Road Pedestrian Mall, Guangzhou hides a well-kept secret, layers of China’s original trade route the Old Silk Road. Only discovered in 2002,  the remnants over 3 dynasties – Song, Ming and Yuan are encased in glass and I found them fascinating to study and ponder. I remember hearing about the Old Silk Road as a child but I don’t think I realised how much action these roads had seen since the seventh century or the Old Silk Road’s true impact in opening up the world as it was then. Now I understood why I loved reading Marco Polo when I was in primary school as it really was describing a history so different from anything Australia had ever known.




Z – Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou is a busy city in east-central China. It is the capital of Henan province and has a very long history dating back to the 3,500 years to the Shang dynasty. We loved exploring this city and interesting mix of old and new China.

The Zhengzhou Memorial Tower was opened in 1971 and remembers the Erqi Strike  of 7th Febrauary, 1923.

Erqi Memorial Tower

People’s Park Zhengzhou

Opened in 1952 the People’s Park was the first park in Zhengzhou. It covers a large area in the city consisting of gardens, statues, water ways, fountains, temples, open spaces as well as a theme park. We had a lovely afternoon exploring this surprise package.


Snapshots of Fanta Wild, China

Tell a broad story using a series of short, focused scenes.


This was our day at Fanta Wild Adventure Park, Zhenzhou, China. We came to watch our daughter in the diving show and enjoyed immersing ourselves in another culture, creating many amazing memories  as we were stopped by many of the locals wanting to take a photo with us and practice their English as we toured the park.


Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind

I can still remember the excitement my husband and I felt when we found the Flamingo Pond in Kowloon Park, Hong Kong. We had walked past the park everyday however we didn’t realise what it actually was until our second last day when we entered and found a secret treasure. Prior to this experience as Australians we had only seen the odd Flamingo in a zoo. These beautiful creatures in a flock were majestic. We stood watching them for more than twenty minutes leaving because the sun was beginning to set.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

Shaolin Temple 2-9-13 145

Shaolin Temple 2-9-13 144

This tree in the Shoalin Temple, China is the oldest living thing I have ever seen. Our guide told us it was 1500 years old, which initially left me speechless. I struggled to understand the changes that would have occurred in it’s time. However, once I grounded myself, I enjoyed spending several minutes in this grand old masters presence mindfully connecting with both past, present and future. I love trees, they give me energy, especially those that have been around for a very long time.

What is the oldest living thing you have seen?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

The most amazing physical boundaries and divides I have explored are high in the Taihang Mountains, China. The Guoliang Tunnel shown in the photos below was carved by hand to allow Guoliang village people access to the outside world. To be even more inspired by this amazing part of China and learn more about the Guoliang Tunnel please visit my previous post http://www.inspiringmax.com/guoliang-tunnel/


Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

Prior to today’s photo challenge, I had never really thought about the use of grids in photos. It surprises me that when I truly looked at them many of my photos had hidden grids. When I  mindfully studied each photo I realised that it was often the grids that made the photo pop. Grids come in all shapes and sizes and moving forward I have decided to look for them more often when choosing subjects for my photos. To keep with the theme I have created my gallery in a grid pattern. Did you notice or is it only me that thought that it was a good idea?




Golden Hour

6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?

Greetings world

Open your eyes

Look before it is too late

Dream and make plans

Everything is possible

Notice the beauty



Understanding abound

Relax, take a breath and start again.