Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

On the 26th Nov, I was excited to finish planting my last vegetable garden before leaving on our holiday to Perth, the next day.

Two weeks later Dec on 10th, I returned from Perth and was surprised by the growth.

However, today Jan 6th the GROWTH is amazing. Who knew I had green thumbs.


Cozy Time

I like to get cozy everyday. Taking time for myself, alone with no other distractions, is something I like to do at the start of the day as well as in the evening. Sometimes I am lucky enough to have some added cozy time after work before I start my nightly routine.

For me, cozy time is sitting in my very comfortable lounge chair focusing on what I want to do. In the morning it’s thinking about my goals and planning out my day. At other times it might be reading, blogging or slowing my mind down by watching a movie on Netflix.

In the above photo you can see the love we have shared over time by the creases in her folds. She has been a dear friend for nearly 2 decades now and if she could read my mind the stories she could tell.

Sometimes it only takes 5 minutes but my cozy time is my favourite way to centre myself.


Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favourites


In January 2014, our family planted this frangipani tree to remember our cat, Yoda who had died days before. Last Thursday when I arrived to visit my daughter at our Sydney property, I noticed it had bloomed for the first time.  I was so excited. I rushed over and took a quick photo to show my husband on my return home. However, when I got home I was so busy with Christmas I forgot but fortunately my daughter was also so excited when she noticed the beautiful flowers that she shared her photo with us. One thing we all agreed on is that our frangipani’s beauty was special and a great choice for Yoda’s garden.


Christmas Calendar 2017 #12


Today we have decided to take this quote about not cleaning up mess seriously. As we near the close of Christmas day in Australia, our lounge room is still littered with presents and shredded paper, which is the remnants of what turned into a ‘snow fight’ during the opening of one of my presents this morning. Even looking at the mess brings a smile to my face remember the fun my husband, daughter and I had throwing shredded paper over each other this morning. A classic Christmas moment that couldn’t ever be planned or choreographed.


Christmas Calendar 2017 #11

Personally I love Christmas. But as we get nearer to the day itself, let’s consider why we put all the effort in to make our Christmas day special. I agree, it’s love. Let’s face it, if we didn’t love the people we spend Christmas day with, we wouldn’t be bothered putting in the time and effort to create our Christmas every year.

Christmas Calendar 2017 #6

I am good at starting and making plans to seek the truth about my goals. Where I get stuck is finishing them off. I am often distracted along the way by great excuses, but they don’t help.

The main truth I want to achieve in 2018 is to be a published writer. In order to get there I need to focus on completing the editing phase and pluck up the courage to hand my manuscript over to my publisher. It has come along way since the first draft many years ago, so let’s bring on its time to shine.


Coffee Catch-Up #23

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I finished my Christmas shopping last Tuesday. What a relief. And yesterday I  finished wrapping all of the presents, which I always get excited about. Unfortunately, this year we won’t have a big Christmas tree to put them under as we are currently between trees. The one from our old house is broken from too much loving and I don’t want to buy a new one until we extend next year.  So in the interium it will be back to the small fibre optic tree that changes colours.

If we were having coffee I would tell you about how much fun the family of magpies that has taken up residence in our garden are having playing under the water sprinkler when Rod puts it on to water my garden each evening. They run around under the water in an attempt to cool off and then enjoy looking for worms in the soil. They are too quick for us however, so every time we go to take a photo they run away and play somewhere else.


If we were having coffee I would tell you that I really enjoyed flying into Sydney from Perth last week. As we flew overnight from the west coast to the east coast of Australia we saw a different flight path and to my surprise we also flew over our old suburb. I loved seeing the sunrise from the sky and an aerial view of what I think is the Parramatta River.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I made my own baked beans this week and was very pleased with how tasty they were. Motivated by having had some when we were in Perth, I was on a mission to give them a go. I have since found some other recipes so I think I might give them all a try and then rank my results. Do you have a favourite baked beans recipe you’d like to share?

If we were having coffee I would probably ask you if you want some Christmas bush. Our tree has once again produced a bumper crop and sharing it with family and friends makes it feel like an Aussie Christmas. We have 2 vases in our house, the one below in the entry to our house and one in the kitchen, the hub of the home.


If we were having coffee I would ask you what is happening in your world? Let me know in the comments.

Christmas Calendar 2017 #5

The more we practise something the better we get at it. But as the quote suggests the more specific we are with whatever we are doing,  the more easily we can replicate it. I have certainly found this with my writing and editing. Once a difficult task for me, through blogging I have found I can naturally improve my flow and style.