Weekly Photo Challenge: 2017 Favourites


In January 2014, our family planted this frangipani tree to remember our cat, Yoda who had died days before. Last Thursday when I arrived to visit my daughter at our Sydney property, I noticed it had bloomed for the first time.  I was so excited. I rushed over and took a quick photo to show my husband on my return home. However, when I got home I was so busy with Christmas I forgot but fortunately my daughter was also so excited when she noticed the beautiful flowers that she shared her photo with us. One thing we all agreed on is that our frangipani’s beauty was special and a great choice for Yoda’s garden.


W – Waterfall Way


The Waterfall Way is a beautiful scenic drive from Coffs Harbour on the coast up the mountains for 191 kilometres and on to Armidale. It takes it name from the number of very beautiful and yet very different waterfalls in the area. Unfortunately being a winter’s day it was raining and their was no sunshine to reflect off the water but I am sure you can imagine. There are also many treasured National Parks in the area so if you get the chance it is definitely worth a visit.




NEWELL’S WATERFALL — Crossing under the Waterfall Way

Golden Hour

6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?

Greetings world

Open your eyes

Look before it is too late

Dream and make plans

Everything is possible

Notice the beauty



Understanding abound

Relax, take a breath and start again.



V – Veiled Virgin # A – Z Challenge

She is the most beautiful piece of art I have ever seen. The Veiled Virgin, a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary is crafted from Carrara marble by Giovanni Strazza. In 1856, she was brought to St John’s  Newfoundland by Bishop Mullock—the then Bishop of Newfoundland. He described her as ” this perfect gem of art.” I had the pleasure of viewing her at the Presentation Motherhouse in St John’s where she has resided since 1862.

The Veiled Virgin can only be viewed by calling at the Motherhouse between certain hours and these change according to the season. To be able to see her, my husband and I needed to come back again as we were originally told the wrong day—disappointed we thought we should return but nearly didn’t, as we were not really sure what we were going to visit. We were well rewarded for our effort, seeking refuge from the snow spending half an hour in her company.  Her thin veil of marble is exquisite, the detail in her crafting incredible and I was fascinated by the way it looked like her eyes follow me around. It was a humbling and inspirational experience to see the Veiled Virgin and learn about the history of the Motherhouse, from the Sister showing us through.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

We had a great afternoon  with the motion of the waves sailing on Lake Taupo New Zealand. The snow-covered peaks in the background, the rain that created a beautiful rainbow and ending with sunshine it was a memorable journey.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

What does reward mean to you?

Last year on my birthday I was rewarded with a walk along Hyam’s Beach. Situated on the pristine Jervis Bay Marine Park, New South Wales. Hyam’s beach is recorded in the Guiness Book of Records for having the whitest sand in the world.  The water is spectacular—crystal clear—with a blue-turquoise coloring.  The beach boarders on Booderee National Park, which gives it a natural feel. I loved the stream.

It was an amazing winters afternoon—complete with a pod of dolphins and friendly rainbow lorikeets that we watched for an hour—a truly beautiful part of the world. The only thing missing was a my celebratory glass of champagne.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

For this photo challenge, publish an image that conveys serenity.

Last month we enjoyed the serenity and pristine beauty of Pourvoirie Du Lac Beauport, Quebec. It was so different to life in Australia. An amazing experience.