The Ageless Paul McCartney

Yesterday my life was changed forever. I attended Paul McCartney’s first Australian concert in Perth. Initially, I was unsure how much I would enjoy it. But hey I’m a good wife, so I’ll travel across Australia just so my husband can see his hero on his birthday.

Wow! What a great night it was and Paul even sang happy birthday to him and several others.

Titled One on One, Sir Paul’s plan was to engage with all 23,000 of us individually. Mission accomplished. For 3 hours he played and sang a well put together mix of 40 of his old, new and in between songs. He joked with us about how “he knows what we like” the old songs but he was playing his new songs and “he doesn’t care.”

His segways between songs with historical stories about them fascinated the crowd and gave us great insight into his early life. He was a master at seamlessly switching between instruments bass, guitar and piano as well as a special dedication to George Harrison on his ukulele. His other dedications were to John Lennon, George Martin, Jimi Hendrix as well as his first wife, Linda and current wife, Nancy.

Described by the media as Maccamania, everyone in the audience, young or old , felt touched by his performance. It really was like he was playing to you. The video and other special effects were like nothing I had ever seen at a concert before and for that matter I doubt I’ll ever experience again.

To make the night even more special he allowed a young man to propose to his girlfriend on stage at the end of the concert. The young couple had bonded on a Contiki tour 10 years ago because of their love for Beatles music. The ultimate in intimacy in a sell out crowd.


The Music of My Life

Songs have always been a major part of my life. They have inspired me to achieve the challenges I set myself, and comforted me during my difficult times. Songs have the power to change your mood and can be used to insight all types of emotions.

My most influential songs have been part of my life for many, many years. I love that they always create a positive emotion in me and unless it is inappropriate to do so, I always begin singing when I hear them. My top three are:

1. I AM WOMAN – Helen Reddy (1972). I was 10 when this song became a hit and it’s words empowered me to believe that I could deal with everything life throws at me. “If I had to I could face anything, I am strong, I am invincible. I am woman.” This song was also the first Australian penned song to win a Grammy Award and in 1975 was chosen by the United Nations to be the theme song for “International Woman’s Year.” It was also my ringtone for several years which I enjoyed.

2. I WILL SURVIVE – Gloria Gaynor (1978) This disco anthem reminds me to believe in myself and not let others get to me. It is the story of personal growth through a relationship breakup and developing personal confidence. Thirty plus years later, every time I hear this song I am still compelled to do the actions and sing/yell “I will survive” at the top of my voice. It never fails to bring out the best in me.

3. I AM AUSTRALIAN – Bruce Woodley (1987) performed by the Seekers. This song signifies our history and shows the diversity of the changing face of Australia. I love chorus, ‘We are one, but we are many and from all the lands on earth we come. We share a dream and sing with one voice: I am , you are, we are Australian.

I am proud to be a surviving Australian woman and I am looking forward to the sharing more of my life with you on this writing journey.

Day 3- Writing 101