Retreat is an active word. It’s not a sign of weakness, but a sign that you are in-charge of your reactions. It shows you know when to do something differently. To me, the word RETREAT breaks down into the following powerful actions and helps me to move forward in the direction I need to go even if it’s not the direction I originally wanted to.

Return to a safe space

Experience feelings associated with current stress

Take time out

Recover your strength

Experiment with new ideas

Activate a new plan

Test it out

Have you ever found retreating to be a successful strategy to move forward?

6 thoughts on “Retreat

  1. I have found retreating successful as a step forward. In the past several months, I have been holding down a full time job with requires me to really take my brain out and play with it when I’m there. At night I was taking nursing classes three nights a week. I loved the nursing classes, but started getting sick in August…cold after cold. Then a breaking point came in a way least expected. It was triggered by something that made me remember some very unpleasant things about when I was nursing my husband as he was dying of cancer. I snapped. I cried for about four days and that’s when I decided for certain that I couldn’t do the nursing. I was carrying a 4.0 (not bad at 59) but my body has been trying to tell me something. I wasn’t listening. Ok…another approach to get her to listen! This time it worked and it wasn’t pleasant, but sometimes pleasant doesn’t work at all. I am back to just my 9-5, and doing my artwork and writing…Oh! and getting over the nasty cold…finally. Feeling So Much Better. Thank you so much for this. Loved your article!

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