The Ocean Train


Last weekend we traveled from Moncton, New Brunswick to Montreal, Quebec by VIA’s The Ocean  Train.  It is Canada’s longest continuously running train and it’s full journey goes from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Montreal. The Ocean Train links Atlantic Canada to Central and Western Canada and has done so using the same name since July 3, 1904. It follows a route established by the Intercolonial Railway in the mid 1800’s.

Our journey took 18 hours so we choose  sleeper car. And we were pleased we did. No only did this give us a private space, bunk beds, a shower and toilet, it also gave us access to the viewing carriage. This is the last carriage of the train and is higher than the others with a glass ceiling. It was a relaxing way to watch the picturesque scenery speed by.

Traveling on this train during winter had other advantages. The sight of beautiful Christmas lights in the towns we traveled through. Unfortunately, because of the speed we were traveling, we were unable to take photos as the lights went streaky.  They were however, beautiful against the crisp, white snow.

I loved waking up during the night and looking out the window. I imagined what life was like for the people living in these  towns in remote Canada.

This was a great experience. I loved every minute of the 1 042 kilometre journey through the snow.


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