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Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

To me connecting with nature is healing. I attempt to do it everyday even if only for 5 minutes. It clears my head. Any form of nature will do—smelling a flower on a short walk or a day trip to the beach or mountains. I love them all. As a child I spent many hours at the beach as well as walking in the bush so both have pleasant memories attach.

The higher my intensity of stress the more I will ensure that I take time out of my day to walk barefoot on the grass for 5 minutes. My other easy to go to places  are the river, Sydney harbour, local parks or wetlands—all are close to my work or home.  Half an hour in the silence does the trick of dealing with my stress nicely.

Last Christmas we wanted to experience nature in a different way and left sunny Australia for the cold winters of Canada. While we enjoyed our time there, it was only our last week that allowed us to experience the force of nature in this way—snow and ice. The first 5 weeks were above average temperatures and it was the first green Christmas in over a quarter century. Our proof that mother nature is to be enjoyed not controlled—she will always win.

14 thoughts on “My Places

  1. I agree with you about nature and how it is a de-stressor! I commented on the same thing in my post today with my pictures. Sorry you didn’t get the snow you were wanting, but glad you still managed to enjoy it. If I could I would have sent you our snow this winter! Ha!

  2. This should be a reminder to all of us just to enjoy nature and the beauty around us. At least you were swamped with 3 feet of snow this winter. Great post. 🙂

  3. That’s Canada? Seriously? It’s beautiful!!! Holly Molly!
    I’m also a nature kind of gal. Do you have any tips for nature lovers who are visiting Australia by any chance? I must scavenge your blog!

    • Australian beaches and bush are amazing. Australia is a big place so it would depend on where you were visiting. The east coast Victoria to North Queensland are the most popular. Ularu (Ayers rock) in the centre is also spectacular although I haven’rt been there yet.

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