Eclectic Corner: Splash Of Colour

This fortnight Eclectic Corner focus on photography, quotes and haiku poetry showcasing the theme of—a splash of colour. The grey skies of winter in Canada gave many opportunists to recognise a splash of colour against a mostly grey photo.


The Beatles are my husbands favourite band and while I am not a huge fan I do love this quote. I love colour—it brightens even the dullest day. If things aren’t going right for you add some colour to your day and watch it lift your mood.


Photo Credit: TAOLife


I have only recently learnt about poetry and have found it a great way to express my thoughts simply. The impact of colour is no different.

Feeling blue or grey

Let’s paint your world with colour

It will lift your day

13 thoughts on “Eclectic Corner: Splash Of Colour

  1. This is a really lovely haiku and so inspiring, you know you are right, the day can be the colour you paint it. Sometimes I wake up and I think yup I am going to just wear a really bright top because it just brightens my day. I did this yesterday I wore bright red flappy trousers lol, my husband took one look at me and said what are you wearing, I said “red trousers” lol. This world is too full of greys and muted tones, bring out the colour I say! hehe..gosh that was nearly a soap box moment, you see what you inspired? Thank you for joining Eclectic Corner, I hope you have fun saying hi to the others and i love your pops of photographic colours, lovely x

    • Thanks I do enjoy the fun of it. Tonight I am having a major problem however that I cannot get the link up to work. I put in the wrong size images at first and now it goes to OOPs. It won’t let me delete the link up and at a new one and makes me look incompetent. I am frustrated it is different to how it was last week. Do you have any ideas on how to fix it.

  2. Lovely poem, IM… Very nice indeed! And I agree about colour. When I relocated to the UK from Texas, I had to tone things down a bit, to be honest. I stood out like a stoplight in my chilli-pepper brights. But a pop of colour is enough now against the grey tweed sky to lift my own spirits. The orange or a robin’s breast, a yellow daffodil, the pop of hollyberries in the hedge… all these things make me smile and stay with me. 🙂

    • Yes sometimes just wearing your favourite shade of lipstick can be all the extra clour that you need. I think the more neutral the area the important the pops of colour are. Even when they are small and maybe others don’t notice.

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