Let Go

“Getting over painful experiences is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward”     C.S.Lewis

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When I was young I loved playing on the monkey bars. I stood on the side rungs, arms outstretched, one on the first top rung, the other on the second as I considered my next move. My heart pounded as I felt the anxiety. Was I was brave enough to let go.

Every time without failure I stood frozen feeling the pain. I knew what I had to do, take a deep breath, a leap of faith and away I went.

Getting over the painful experiences life throws our way is the same. We have to stand on the edge, take a deep breath, reach out and let go. The first time is the hardest, however the more we do it, the stronger we get and the easier moving forward is.

Do you have to let go of any pain at present to move forward? If so, I hope this powerful quote from C.S.Lewis can motivate you in you time of need.

Create Yourself

Creating yourself


It is now more than half way through the first month of 2015. How are your New Years resolutions or goals going? One way to help them happen is to take control and create a plan.

The more one understands and is guided by the above George Bernard Shaw quote, the easier success will be. Let’s look at difference between the two key words—find and create.

According to dictionary.com Find means

  • to come upon by chance
  • to locate or recover
  • to discover or perceive after consideration

Create however means

  • to cause to come into being
  • to cause to happen to evolve from one’s thought or imagination as in a work of art or invention

The way I see it, using the word create infers that you are empowered, taking control and ensuring your New Year’s resolution or goal happens. The word find has a more hit and miss feel. While the result may be the same, I believe the more direction one puts into achieving goals—the greater the chance of success.

For me—I plan 2015 to be the year I complete my dream of becoming a published author. To achieve this goal I decided to follow George Bernard Shaw’s advice. I created opportunities to write. I also created opportunities:

  • to find my voice
  • to learn my craft
  • to connect with others writers
  • to receive feedback
  • to understand the process

It is both exciting and scary to see the creation of my dream come together. Are your currently finding or creating yourself? How is it working for you? If it’s not working for you, change the steps you are taking and make your dream happen.

Just Start

Zig Ziglar


Are you waiting for you path to have all the green lights in a row before you start your journey?Don’t. It will stop you from reaching your goal. Start somewhere. It is only by doing that you figure out the best path to take to reach your goal.Set your sights on finishing each task you begin. Leaving things half complete disempowers you. Keep going and finish where you originally planned. When you reach your goal reassess your situation and see if there is a further goal to set. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get there, you still get there if you start and keep working at it.

For me starting this blog took months in the planning stage, but I still needed to set it up and start blogging. I had no idea where to start I just did it. I slowly gathered momentum and then stopped when life got in the way. This meant that I needed to start again, which I did a fortnight ago. In this time I have learnt more about the realities of building a blog than I could have ever planned for. I now understand this blog is a work in progress and will take time to develop. My current goal is to interact daily with as many people as possible, grow my audience and develop a strong voice online.

If I had waited to know exactly what I was doing before I started, I wouldn’t be reaping the rewards from blogging that I am today. Listen to Zig Ziglar’s advice—start anywhere, it doesn’t matter where, then you will have the opportunity to finish where you want or need to.

Getting Through Tough Times

Everyone has them, “tough times”. They cannot be avoided however,during my latest run of “tough times” I discovered a powerful quote by St Francis of Assisi which really helped.


St Francis Quote


Following St Francis of Assissi’s  advise makes it easier not to get overwhelmed during difficult times. Sometimes at the start of a crisis, very little is possible.  All you can do is absorb what has happened. This is true particularly when coping with the loss of a loved one or friend. Allow yourself to be in shock, numb and use this time to make a basic plan of what needs to be done. Remember, although you may want everything fixed instantly, somethings can’t be rushed and healing takes time.

As time passes, the actual time elapsed will vary for everyone, you will move from only dealing with the necessities to looking into new possible ways of  getting through your “tough time.” The healing will be commencing and if you are coping with a loss of a loved one or friend, you can remember the good times and using laughter, you can help your body heal.

Eventually, looking back you realise that you have done the impossible and although your world has changed forever, you have recovered from your “tough time” and you have grown as a person in the process. This is the silver lining to your dark cloud, and helps you to realise that you are stronger than you think.

Thanks for the advice St Francis.