H – Home #A – Z Challenge

Today I am combing Poetry 101 Rehab: Home with H in A – Z April Blogging Challenge. My two choices this week are:


Home is more than bricks and mortar

Opening doors to many

Memories, mistakes and special moments

Especially keeping us safe and secure


My home is my castle, it

reflects my personality and

doesn’t fit a mould.

There are certain things always

travelling with me wherever I

make my new home.


#A-Z Challenge

Poetry 101 Rehab: End

This weeks theme is END. I struggled a little to picture in my head what the end looked like which made writing poetry more of a challenge.


I wondered around the bend

Looking for my friend

I sought him here I sought him there

Finally finding him in the end.


The end is coming

Thank goodness! It was no easy task

Let’s celebrate now


Poetry 101 Rehab: Thaw

This week’s poetry challenge theme is THAW. In Australia this word doesn’t have the same power it holds in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

Using anaphora

I like the snow

I like the ice

To work yesterday I couldn’t go

And shoveling is such a chore

So today I like the thaw



Come in and thaw out

Love will defeat the cold

Together we’ll grow old




Poetry 101 Rehab: Right

Today I am joining Mara Eastern’s weekly poetry challenge to continue to develop my newly found poetry skills. To add some interest and mix it up a bit—each week using the theme I will write two poems, not one. This week’s theme is RIGHT—I have chosen to write a limmerick—in celebration of St Patrick’s Day yesterday and a concrete poem.


Is it wrong or is it right?

This is my common plight

How can I tell?

If I do not dwell

Because I need to prepare for the fight.




                                                              Yes I got


                                                 every time

                                              I couldn’t

                                         tell my


from my             right. Then

  I solved the problem

          I put a ring

              on it.