Why Am I Here?

I have previously done the Blogging 101 challenge however am repeating it to connect with more people and to find new ways to improve my blog. There are many things I didn’t connect with last time and I hope to attempt them this time and see what happens. At present, this feels daunting but the personal growth is always from outside your comfort zone. While I have done this challenge before I am hoping to extend myself even further and continue to find my online voice.

The concept of Inspiring Max was created in my head a few years ago, but like all good things it has taken its time to develop. I have chosen to write this blog under my family nick name, to allow me more creativity, and not to have my ideas biased. Through Inspiring Max, I want to connect with people and share my thoughts, experiences and travels with the world. I will also blog on things I have found useful and inspiring. The secret of success  is understanding what your audience wants, so I am very keen to receive your feedback and ideas.

My interests are learning new things, meeting new people and enjoy exchanging ideas and information. The world is a fascinating place and I think blogging can bring everyone closer. Having spend all my working life with people face to face, using the written word online is a new experience that I am excited about taking up the challenge of.

For the last 50 years, I have led a relatively sheltered life and through Inspiring Max, I want to ‘put myself out there and see where the journey takes me.’ I hope that you will stay a while and join me on my journey.

This year I plan to self-publish my book Inspiring Hope: How Eating Disorder recovery Is Possible, which is based on my experiences working with patients over the last 20 years with people recovering form an eating disorder as a professional working in the field.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Lao-tzu