Favourite Holiday Memory

Two years ago my husband and I travelled to Wuhu, China. It was our first experience in China and we loved it. Wuhu, part of Anhui province is in regional China and has a population of only 2 million people—small by Chinese standards.

Few white people travel to Wuhu as it is a little difficult to get to. So, as the Chinese believe white people bring them luck—we became instant celebrities. Everywhere we went, we had Chinese people coming up to us and communicating any way they could that they wanted to take a photograph with us. We loved it. Because many were students, they also wanted to practise English, so we learnt from them about the area whilst extending their English skills.


While I was waiting at this temple gate for the sun to set, a Chinese mother was attempting to have her three year old daughter take a photo with me.  The child however had other plans, screamed and wouldn’t let her. After a while the girl realised I wouldn’t hurt her, so she would run up to me, point at my camera, laugh and run away again—as if she was reminding me I didn’t win. She was very cute.

Another interesting part of our holiday was no access to Facebook and limited Google access. Both are regulated by the government. I actually found it a relief to not have to focus on anything from our usual world and just be present—in the here and now absorbing another culture.

Wuhu was easy to get ourselves around by taxis and walking, which gave us confidence. The city itself was old, full of history, culture and beauty. Our visit opened our eyes to many aspects of life in China that as Australians we had never considered. Travel definitely broadens your world.