Write an entire post without using three-letter words.

Everyone makes mistakes. These mistakes teach us lessons about ourselves that allow us to grow.  Think of these lessons as gifts from life. Some people find keeping a list of lessons learnt helpful. They’re a visible reminder that helps keep us focused on moving forward to reach goals.

Edison failed 10,000 times before he invented a light globe. He doesn’t describe these attempts as failures however as 10,000 ways they don’t work.

By re-framing your words, it is possible to change your thinking. Life is full of lessons—we choose at what speed we acknowledge them. Remember they help us to develop personally as well as professionally.

Do not be afraid to take a risk. Take on challenges, learn by your mistakes adding to your repertoire of things known.


I found this challenge tricky. I noticed that it changed my voice considerably because my style is made up of small words—mainly with three letters. It certainly made me think which took me from my comfort zone—teaching me some lessons as I went.


Loving Advice

My loving neighbours, married for 62 years had  died within a week of each other. I was approaching the house to give the family my condolences, when I found an old tattered letter at the front gate. No-one was watching. I took a peek.  Tears swelled in my eyes. The letter was written in response to a question asked of the loving couple the week by the local newspaper. It read.

Dear Friend,

Here are  the  secrets of our happy marriage. We hope they also work for you. Give them a go—you might surprise yourself.

1. Respect each other and yourself

2. Communicate

3. Compromise

4. Know your limits and what is important

5. Work as a team and rely on each other

6. Spend quality time together

7. Share the tasks and the glory

8. Laugh a lot

Love Mary and John

Day 5


Pros And Cons List

Write about a time you had a Goldilocks experience, exploring different choices and finally arriving at “just right.”

Our choices shape our lives. But how do we make the right choice—when so many are available. One helpful way I have found to make any decision is to draw up a pros and cons list for each choice.

Take a piece of paper and divide it in half. On one side write your reasons for doing the activity, behaviour or change (the pros) and on the other side write your reasons not to do it or why it won’t work (the cons). Be creative. Even ideas that seem silly or far-fetched can be helpful in the big picture when you make a plan around them.

Once you have your lists—see how balanced or unbalanced they are. Sometimes it may be immediately obvious which choice is right for you. On other occasions—you may find yourself more confused. No problem. Hang your lists in your room or somewhere you can see them regularly for a couple of days. Focus on each option. Does one draw you in more than the others?

If you struggle to choose which option is right for you—give yourself a challenge. Try the most positive one or the option that will give you the biggest reward on completion. Remember, if this choice don’t work—you can always adjust it slightly to make it more practical. Break it down into smaller steps if needed but keep moving forward with your choices. Sometimes— just right— takes a little while to feel comfortable, but when it does it fits beautifully.




I am often described as the lady in purple. I wear purple at every opportunity—it is my favourite colour.  Up until recently, my hair was also purple, matching my clothes. There are many shades of purple so I don’t get bored and have plenty of variety.

Apparently, I have a purple aura. Who knew? People who have a purple aura are known to be highly psychic, attuned to the emotions of others and very sensitive. They are also known to be healers and teachers. This describes me well. Empowering people to improve their mental health and be the best version of themselves is what I do. This blog complete with its purple trim is based on inspiring people.

I am both grateful and inspired by the colour purple. Every time I need extra support to get through tough times—I wear purple. I use it as a protective armour. It works for me and gives me confidence. Purple helps me be creative and my writing desk has many purple accessories.

The colour purple has a long history associated with royalty, spirituality and significant events. It is a mixture of red (warm) and blue (cool) colours, so it is balanced.

What colour inspires you? Is it you favourite colour or a specific you wear when you need a lift?


Lessons From Dogs

When loved ones come home, run to meet them.

After you’ve been scolded, run right back and be friends.

When someone is having a bad day, sit by and nuzzle a little.

When your happy, dance around, and wag your whole body.

Delight in the healthy pleasures of a good walk.

Avoid snarling when a gentle growl will do.


Author unknown

Seen on a sign on Newfoundland waterfront.


151 - a Newfie 1

Love Me Please

Making A List

I am not a big list maker. Usually I have a handful of things I need to do everyday, which I can prioritise and organise in my head. However, when I have many things on my to-do-list and limited time—I create a list. The more things I need to do, the quicker I start my list.

When writing my list, I always add more things than I originally thought. Partly, I think that this is because I get on a role and partly it is because I want a few small things on my list I can tick off quickly.

I find this empowering. If I have 3-5 things I can complete in  the first two days—I am more likely to focus on achieving my goal.  Rather than only thinking about it with no follow through plans.

Adding some things I have already completed before writing my list, helps too as it shows my progress. Where possible I break  big jobs down into smaller tasks. This allows them to be marked off quickly and helps my moving forward momentum.

If you are always forgetting things or need help prioritising, make lists of the tasks required—daily, weekly or monthly—whatever works for you.

I See Red

Colors can stir emotions within us, tell stories, and transform our images. Today, use one color to add life or drama to your shot.

Christmas every year in our family is colour-themed. It is a very democratic process—all family members vote, from the youngest to the oldest. My sister who organises and holds Christmas every does an amazing job.  Her decorations and year-long planning—set the scene for the celebration. It is amazing how dramatic one colour can be when up to thirty people in the room are wearing it and it is reflected everywhere—from the decorations, to the food, table presents and the gift wrap.


Life With Purpose

Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

“Well hello,” I said to my younger self. Thanks for taking the time to meet me. You think you are busy now. When you move to Sydney next year, your life is going a lot busier—with purpose. As a mother, your time will rarely be your own, as the kids sport goes to the next level. It is fun and makes you proud—but it controls your life.

The next 10 years are both difficult and rewarding. The difficulties are both personal and professional and are not things you have any choice about. Your role of getting yourself and others through these times, makes you a stronger, more confident person. It also makes you a better teacher and mentor than you ever thought possible.

When things get tough, remember the tough get going. Stop and think about the goal to the challenge you are currently facing. Break it down into simple steps and follow the advice in this quote. It is powerful.

St Francis of Assisi quote

You join Toastmasters for your own personal growth. Initially, although you can speak in public you waffle on, which minimises the impact of your message. Learning to hone your skills improves your life in many ways. There will be times when you consider giving up, as you are too busy—don’t. Remember to make time for things that develop your confidence. As the difficult stage of your life comes to an end, you will suddenly notice how easier things are for you as your confidence shows.

Somewhere in the next 10 years you decide to write a book based on your knowledge of what, why and how eating disorder recovery is possible. Written for those living with the disorder, their family and friends as well as professionals. You start this journey in 2009 and plan to publish it next year. Feedback to your original daft is that it is a thorough book and what the market place needs. Writing has turned into a love as you discover your voice that others can connect with—on this blog and through the pages of your book.

After you turn 50 and the children have become happy, healthy and independent—you begin to travel as a couple. Your holidays both at home and internationally are no longer be dictated by sporting commitments. This is a great experience and adds to the patchwork quilt of your life. Believe in yourself and enjoy your journey.


By Hand

What’s the best present you’ve ever received that was handmade by the giver, not store-bought? Tell us what made it so special.

I love hand made gifts. They take time as well as thought and make me feel special. Over the years, I have received many and cannot judge any one as better than another. I love them all. Each had specific meaning to me and I struggle to be able to throw them out—even the paper crane a patient made for me with the words tough love and smiley faces remains at my desk—energising me when work is difficult.

These two vases are an example of my hand gifts. The pottery one was designed and thrown especially for me during a friends pottery class. The second was hand painted by my sister-in-law for my 40th birthday.

2014-11-15 07.36.42

My father has made me many presents—recreating ideas he sees and crafting them in wood or metal. I was the only child I knew growing up who had a wooden skateboard with her name etched into it. I still own it but I no longer ride it.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who have ever given me a hand made gift—including food. It makes me feel special and is appreciated.



Today is a day of celebration. Pop the champagne—I have 3 things to celebrate:

  • My 100th post—yeah! and most have been put up since late August. These are exciting times. This week I also achieved my 3,000th view—2,000 of which were in October—more than double my views for September.
  • Today, is my mother’s birthday. The irony is I didn’t plan it this way, it just happened. The funny thing is that I started Inspiring Max in May on Mother’s Day as a present to myself. Back then I knew nothing about blogging—but I went for it anyway. Now, although I still call myself a new blogger I understand a little more than the basics and my voice, views and following are growing. Inspiring Max has direction and is meeting the goals I set.
  • My third celebration is that I will be self publishing my book next year with Balboa Press. This was my preferred option and is the self publishing arm of Hay House. My ultimate dream publisher. My feelings at present are a weird mix of scary and excitement knowing—my book that I have worked on lovingly for 5 years will soon be available for anyone who has an interest or need for it. Although, this may not be the final cover, here is my latest option for the cover of Inspiring Hope. What do you think?


New Inspiring Hope picture



What are you celebrating at the moment? Never say never. The only way to achieve is to dream and make an achievable plan.