Eclectic Corner: Edge

The scariest edge I have been on is in the Taihang Mountains in Central China. We were visiting the Guoliang Tunnel—hand made over  5 years by 13 men to connect the village of Guoliang to the outside world. Prior to this they were living on the edge with only a sky ladder to physically take every thing up.  The tunnel itself is described as one of the scariest roads in the world and the video shows why. You can see the edge at every twist and turn.



China 1-9-13 G Tunnel 210



Eclectic Corner: Splash Of Colour

This fortnight Eclectic Corner focus on photography, quotes and haiku poetry showcasing the theme of—a splash of colour. The grey skies of winter in Canada gave many opportunists to recognise a splash of colour against a mostly grey photo.


The Beatles are my husbands favourite band and while I am not a huge fan I do love this quote. I love colour—it brightens even the dullest day. If things aren’t going right for you add some colour to your day and watch it lift your mood.


Photo Credit: TAOLife


I have only recently learnt about poetry and have found it a great way to express my thoughts simply. The impact of colour is no different.

Feeling blue or grey

Let’s paint your world with colour

It will lift your day

Eclectic Corner: Street Life

In regional China people seem to live life on the street. They cook, play and sleep in front of their homes or shops. I found it fascinating as it was so different to anywhere else I had ever been. Life is simple, colourful and it works.