Chris The Sheep

Back in September 2015 I was surprised to hear the story of Chris The Sheep, as it had never occurred to me that his could happen. Chris was found wandering in the bush on the border between New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory, his fleece so massive he could barely walk or see.  The size of his fleece makes professionals estimate that Chris had wandered around in the bush not shewn for about 6 years possibly after wandering off from previous owners.

When Chris was spotted the RSPCA ( Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was called in to get him help. They organised a rescue team and for Australian Champion Shearer Ian Elkins to shear him. After two shearing passes,  a new world record was set for the heaviest fleece — 40.45 kilograms or 88 pounds. The previous record holder was New Zealand with a  28.9 kilogram fleece. Due to the damage that carrying this amount of wool around can have on a sheep’s tiny body let’s hope this record is not broken again.


Z – Zoo # A – Z Challenge

Zoo are a great part of traveling to me. Visiting other countries or areas and seeing new animals for the first time. I am never disappointed as they come in all shapes and sizes. My latest favourite animal to meet in a zoo were housed in the Arctic Tundra section of Toronto Zoo. It was winter so they were at home in the cold weather  and needed no special cooling unlike the polar bears in Australia.

Arctic Fox

Henry 1 yr old Polar Bear

Henry 1 yr old Polar Bear

Arctic Wolf


I love to go to a zoo

To get up close and view

The local animals —big and small

As they live their life behind the wall

Happy with the food on the menu