Christmas Calendar 2016 # 1

I love Christmas time. It develops its own energy starting from December 1. In our family, the festive season begins with advent calendars, the daily dose if chocolate that never fails to bring a smile. I hope to replicate this positive feeling by posting a daily inspiring quote.



Spend Your Time Wisely


Do you have a wish list of dreams you want to achieve? Most of us do and the good news is that with focus we have the power to make them happen.

Like water through peculation turns into amazing coffee, we can focus our energy into achieving our dreams and watch them develop before our eyes. Yes, it takes time. So does anything worth having. Because quality is never thrown together.

Give this, let’s think about how much of our spare time can redirect into focusing on our goals. Most of us could spare half an hour a day with a little tweaking. Do you realise that even as little as half an hour a day, every day for a year turns into 182 hours.

How are you spending yours?